About Us

            Speedi Scafidi Auto Detailing was started after years of apprenticeship with one of the finest auto detailers in the Northwest. We are the latest in a long line of family owned and operated businesses. Beginning over 95 years ago with my grandfather (door to door produce peddler), grandmother (proprietary cast iron impregnating), father (Tom Scafidi Produce) and uncle (Auto Accessory Distributing)  to name a few, the Scafidi family has owned and operated more than 10 different business’s in the Portland area. The recipe  for success, handed down over the generations, has always been hard work, top tier customer service, and the best products available.

I myself have started and operated 2 companies, Speedi Scafidi Delivery (Courier service) and Domestic Auto Transport (Auto transport brokerage) over the last 20 years. After working side by side with my son in his detailing business for several years I decided to start a second detail business, in order to service a wider area.

All of our services use carefully selected products that have been sourced from the finest auto detailing suppliers on the planet. We offer several different levels of exterior and interior detailing that range from a basic wash and spray wax to complete removal of scratches, scuffs, water spots, swirl marks and oxidation. Our interior services range from vacuuming seats, carpets and mats and wiping down all hard surfaces , to intensive shampooing, steam cleaning and stain/odor removal. All work is performed by myself and includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Please take a minute to view our gallery and see some of the results achieved by our fanatical attention to detail on previous customer’s vehicles.